08 June 2016

In the Name of Thoughtfulness

I am interested in hearing from thoughtful people who are interested in the way people think.

Are you interested in the perceptions, emotions, values, attitudes, beliefs, approaches to problems and challenges, motivations, social behaviour, cultural behaviour, tastes and hopes of other people?  If so, why?

Thoughtfully reflecting on perceptions

Reflecting thoughtfully on emotions

Perceptions and emotions relating to values

Thoughts, values and attitudes

Thoughtfulness about beliefs

Identifying thoughtful approaches to problems

Reflecting on challenges with thoughtfulness

Thoughts about motivations

Behaving thoughtfully

Thoughts on taste

Thinking about hope

16 April 2016

In the Name of Reality

Does your view of reality use all of your senses? This is the question I often ask myself when I am doing social and cultural research.

I find that many people perceive the world primarily through one sense whereas I try to use all of them!

How do you tell the difference between images and reality - and filter reality in a useful way?

12 March 2016

In the Name of Humanity

Sometimes, I find it difficult to comprehend that other people have minds and thoughts and histories and relationships.  This especially occurs when I find myself in a crowd or in the anonymous and sometimes alienating environment of a concrete city landscape. 

Crowding and alienation can affect the way I respond to the minds and identities of other people.  Yet there are additional difficulties I face when trying to imagine other people's minds. 

When people think and communicate in languages different from my own, I usually expect to experience misunderstandings.  My communication difficulties happen, even in English, when people have grown up with social expectations that are different from my own values and experiences.  

This confusion does not necessarily happen across generations but it does occur in relation to the level of education a person has reached, and their sense of purpose in life.

What are your views on these issues in relation to understanding humanity and human rights?