01 January 2015

In the Name of Popularity

Do you find it easier to like people when you think of them as popular or do you prefer to think of people as being either friendly or unfriendly?

Are people more popular with you when you can identify with some aspect about them? 

It is often the case that popularity is associated with the aspirations of observers.  It is a cause of emulation and adulation.

Are people popular with you because you feel a sense of familiarity with their name?

If you do not consider yourself to be particularly popular at present, do you want to be more popular?

Is popularity about being liked, and even loved?

Are popular people never lonely, in your view?

27 December 2014

In the Name of Selfless Love

When individuals do not realise their full potential because they put the needs of others before themselves, it can be an expression of selfless love. Yet there are many such individuals who are either inadequately appreciated, or who create unnecessary dependence.  That can lead to selfishness in others or even distress in those receiving unwarranted and inappropriate attention.

26 September 2014

Being Known as Talented

Could people face life better by identifying valuable aspects of themselves that are yet to be expressed (without resorting to a drug or diversion of one kind or another)?

I sometimes wonder how often grief for lost, wasted or unrecognised talent is misdiagnosed as clinical depression. Talent is something we cannot choose for ourselves.  Nor can we expect our own talents to be perceived by others in the way we expect.

Discovering our talents requires the support of others.  If you want to make a name for yourself as someone talented, who are you hoping will find you?  And are you really looking to be known as talented or as merely famous?