25 June 2009

In the Name of Freedom

The picture to your left is of a couple of people you may know something about. Which of them do you believe has experienced most freedom? What does freedom mean to you?

The photograph was taken at Australia's Parliament House in Canberra in 2007. The portrait in the background was painted quite a while before that.

16 June 2009

Sitting Comfortably

Prestige, status, power, authority, class, style, legitimacy, eminence, dignity...

How often do the above words provide the motives for your actions?

13 June 2009

Being a VIP - Social Status and Self Knowledge

Are you a very important person?

The above question is a very important one!

09 June 2009

How to be Delightfully Surprising

There are so many facets of identity to explore, as you will already know if you have been visiting this blog over the past few months. I hope your experiences here have been informing you about yourself in surprising ways.

This blog post is not just about surprising yourself in pleasant ways but also about how to delight others as they learn new things about you. Do you know how to explore and express your talents, and perhaps even unlock your inner genius?

05 June 2009

About Your Mind

Much of our sense of identity comes from the way we think about ourselves in the world.