06 September 2011

In Blog We Trust

Do you reveal a great deal about yourself in your own blog(s)?  It is so easy to find out all sorts of things about a person by discovering if they write a blog, use online social networking tools/toys, and let down their guard when it comes to the security of their personal information (and that of others).

Can you trust anything on the Internet?

Can you trust yourself, your relatives and friends?

Can you trust supposedly secure websites?

It is very nice to express ourselves, whether we do so in a conversation with someone we know well, or when we are involved in anything creative.  Public acts of creativity - and destructiveness - are becoming very common in this digital age.  Such acts may be perceived differently by various observers.

Millions, if not billions, of people love to write, just as quite a large percentage of the human population likes to talk, sing, shout, run about or eat something.  Writing becomes part of who we are, just like our most recent breakfast.

If you hope to make a living from writing, what sort of writing will earn your keep in the long term?  If you already make a living from writing, who is employing you, and will they still be employing you next year or even next week?

We can learn many things about people through their written words, especially when those lines consist of more than a few short statements.  Much of what we say in blogs would never be revealed in the usual daily chatter of life.

I find it interesting to read old letters I have kept from at least twenty years ago, long before the communications of today were even contemplated by most people.  Letters like that say so much more than spoken words.

Are your blogs like old-fashioned letters to a friend?  And if so, would you want those letters to be read by strangers?

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