27 August 2014

The Seriously Silly Name of Nominative Determinism

Academic words often make interesting subjects sound dull.  Nominative determinism itself sounds like a very serious subject.  Who would believe it is about something humorous?  I think it should be called Funnynameology.

Our given names are rarely a matter of our own choice.  I have never met anyone possessing the ability to choose their own name at or before birth or soon afterwards.  If you managed to tell your parents of your preferred name, prior to them putting something on your birth certificate, please let me know!

The funny subject of funny names is not usually referred to by most people by the mouthful of nominative determinism, but it is useful to know that term when doing a web search of the subject. If you do not yet know anything about it, then you might like to do a web search yourself for a few insights into the topic. 

Here are just a few links I found very quickly some time ago:

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